This supplied REST web service notification makes a POST call to a sample web service and passes 2 parameters: jobTicket and jobId. The notification makes the call when the state of a child job in the RestfulWebServiceWF changes to Retained.

The sample web service waits until all the child jobs for the original job are in the Retained job state. The web service then creates a PDF file with the job number and item number of each job ticket in the order. The web service puts the file in a hot folder that a RunHotFolderApplication step processes.


Property Value
Notification description Calls a sample REST web service when the state of a job changes to Retained, and passes the web service 2 parameters: jobTicket and jobId.
Notification method REST Web Service Notification


Property Value
Request URL http://localhost:15080/restapi/1.0/sample/completeJobTicket
Request method POST
Request payload  
Request header  
Request parameters jobTicket:${Job.Info.Attr1}jobId:${Job.ID}
Use proxy server No


Property Value
Static credential  
Authentication response attribute  
Authentication request URL  
Authentication request method GET
Authentication response content type JSON
Authentication request payload  
Authentication request header  
Authentication request parameters  


Property Value
Event type Job
Property Current job state
Action Changes to
Value retained
Summary (Job.State CHANGES TO 'Retained')


Property Value
Apply any or all of the following conditions All
Property 1 Workflow
Comparison 1 =
Value 1 RestfulWebServiceWF
Property 2 Job number
Comparison 2 like
Value 2 *.*
Summary Job.JobType = 'RestfulWebServiceWF' AND Job.ID like '*.*'
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