Errors in jobs for WPM Web

You might experience issues with jobs that should be sent to WPM Web that can be resolved by updating the configuration of some steps, workflows or printers.

Some common issues with sending jobs to WPM Web and steps to resolve them are:

  • Settings for the job in WPM are not correct.
    Incorrect settings might be caused by the values included in the User Information Page (UIP) that the printer object creates and sends to WPM Web. Open the workflow that processed the job and review the job default property values for the step based on the SetWPMProperties step template. Adjust the values as needed and process the job again.
  • WPM cannot process the job.
    If the printer object does not send a UIP to WPM Web with the job, WPM Web cannot process the job. The printer object only sends a UIP with the job if the Create User Information Page property is set to Yes. Open the property notebook for the printer that sent the job to WPM and verify the value of the Create User Information Page property.
  • Job goes into the error state.
    A job can move into the error state if the workflow does not include a step based on the SetWPMProperties step template. Without that step, the printer object cannot create the UIP, so it moves the job to error. Update the workflow that processes jobs for WPM Web to include a step based on SetWPMProperties and process the job again.
  • UIP is unreadable in WPM
    If you try to view the UIP using the WPM interface and the text is not readable, coded font mappings might need to be updated. Make sure valid values are entered for the User Information Page DBCS coded font and User Information Page SBCS coded font properties of the step based on the SetWPMProperties step template.

    Then, check the code page mapping file for banner page files to make sure the correct mappings are included. The file is stored in:/aiw/aiw1/control_files/banner_pages/ (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\banner_pages\ (Windows).

    Add lines to map your SBCS and DBCS coded fonts to the IBM-930 or IBM-939 code pages. For example, add lines like these:


    Also make sure that the coded fonts are stored in a directory that Ricoh ProcessDirector searches for resources. For example, you can add the directory to the AFP resource path property for the printer object.

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