The date when the e-form document is moved to another location. This value can be a specific date, a relative date, or a Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol that resolves to a date.

A relative date is the date that this step processes a print job plus or minus a selected number of days. A symbol is a notation that instructs Ricoh ProcessDirector to retrieve the value of a certain property and use it.


Specific date

Enter the date using the four-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day in this format: YYYYMMDD. For example: 20110617

Relative date

Type the word Today, a + or - sign, and the number of days. For example:
  • Today+3
  • Today-1

Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol

Type the symbol notation for the property whose value you want to insert as the date. For example:
  • ${Job.SubmitTime}
  • ${Job.FileReceiptTime}

Database name


Usage note: For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.

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