A step that is based on this step template creates page groups and index tags in AFP files. The page groups and index tags are defined in a control file that you create using Ricoh Visual Workbench and AFP Indexer.

Job property defaults

Visual Workbench control file:

Usage notes

  • For better performance, set Index first to Yes and do not run the IndexAFP step if the workflow runs another step that contains the Index first property (for example, a step based on the EditAFP template). The Index first option and the IndexAFP step provide the same function.
  • Run the step before the EnableRepositioning step so that you can use the Print again action to reprint a page group. Also, run this step before the EditAFP or FillWhiteSpace step if it is present.
  • You can use the IndexAFP step template to enhance the AFP files that the Ricoh ProcessDirector Transform Features create.
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