Document status 1

Shows whether the barcode on a document has been read correctly by the camera or barcode scanner associated with a ReadBarcodeData step. You cannot change the value of this property.



The barcode for this document was read successfully by the step.


The barcode was not read by the step.


The same barcode was read more than once by the step. The Scan count property shows how many times the same barcode was read.

Database name


Usage note: A document may have more than one Document status property set if it was processed by a workflow that has more than one step based on the ReadBarcode data step template.

In that case, each step can set a different Document status property. For example, one camera reads barcodes as the document exits the printer and the step reading the barcodes from that camera sets the Document status 1 property. A second camera reads barcodes through the envelope coming out of an inserter and the step reading those barcodes sets the Document status 2 property.

If the camera on the printer sees the barcode, the value of the Document status 1 property is OK. If the camera on the inserter does not see the barcode, the value of the Document status 2 property is Attention.

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