Specifies the day of the no-service period. Authorized users can specify this property.



The first through the thirty-first day of the month.


All days of the month.


The specified day of the week.



The Day and Month properties work together in this way:

  • If you select Saturday and the month of January, the no-service period is during every Saturday in January.
  • If you select Sunday and no month, the no-service period is during every Sunday in every month.
  • If you select 31 but no month, the no-service period is during the 31st of every month that has 31 days.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • If you select All, you must specify the Start time and End time properties.
  • If you change the day, the change does not affect the planned checkpoints of existing jobs unless you use the Process Again action to reprocess an existing job from the first step.
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