A step based on this step template sends a PDF print job to the Ink Savvy tool for analysis. The tool modifies the job to optimize ink usage for the InfoPrint 5000 while maintaining the quality of the output.

Job property defaults

  • File from Ink Savvy: ${getFileName(print,pdf,write)}
  • File to send to Ink Savvy: ${getAbsoluteFileName(print,pdf,read)}
  • Ink Savvy file verification count: 2
  • Ink Savvy log file:
  • Ink Savvy poll interval: 30
  • Ink Savvy retrieval folder:
  • Ink Savvy sending folder:
  • Ink Savvy time out interval: 2 hours
  • Ink Savvy retrieval pattern: .+${Job.ID}.*

Usage notes

  • Steps based on this step template can only process PDF files. Print jobs that use other data streams must be transformed to PDF before they arrive in this step.
  • You can add this step template to a job more than once.
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