Creating a custom report template example

This example shows how to create a custom report template that collects information that includes a property that Ricoh ProcessDirector does not track by default.

In this example, a company wants to use Ricoh ProcessDirector to create a report to show how many sheets of paper have been printed for each type of media that the company uses. To do that, they need to use the Media property. However, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not track Media for reporting. To include that information in a report, you must first add Media to the list of properties to be tracked.

To create this custom report template:

  1. Log in as an authorized user.
  2. Add the Media property to the list of properties that are tracked.
    1. From the Main page click the Administration tab, then in the left pane click Reports → Settings.
    2. To add the Media property to the list of properties that are tracked, select it in the Available list, click Move right (image of the Move right button), and click OK.
      The Media property moves from the Available list to the Selected list. Properties that appear in the Selected list can be included in custom reports templates.
  3. After adding the Media property, click the Reports tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Fill in the template name and description.
  6. To add properties as columns in the custom report template, select the property in the Properties list and click Move right (image of the Move right button). Add the Media and Total sheets properties.
    The properties you selected move from the Properties list to the Columns list.
  7. Click OK.
    The report template is added to the Report Templates page.
  8. To view a report using the report template you just created, select the report template that you created and click View.
    The result displays, including columns for the properties that you added above.
  9. To view the number of sheets printed for each type of media, right-click the Media column and select Group by.
    The report displays with the data grouped by media name. and a row of numbers is added at the bottom of each media name.
  10. Right-click the totals row and select Sum to display the total of the values in each column.
  11. Click Save to save the report template.
    The report is displayed with the new property name.
    An example of a custom report.
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