Archive entry type

Adds a custom label for the information that is stored in the repository by this step, such as Original job file, Preflight, Print data, or History only.

You can use this property to search for the job, document, or history information you want to retrieve.



1–32 characters (bytes)



Database name


Usage note:

  • If you include the StoreInRepository step multiple times in the same workflow, you can specify an Archive entry type value each time to retrieve specific data points during the history of the job and its documents in the system.
    For example, use an Archive entry type of Print for the StoreInRepository step immediately after the print step and another Archive entry type of Insert after the insert step.

    If a job is reprinted and is processed by the StoreInRepository step after printing again, a second entry is added to the repository. When you search the repository for that job, you see two Print entries, each with different timestamps.

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