PDF workflow to apply markup

Although the PDF Document Support feature includes advanced functions for managing PDF jobs at a document level, you might benefit from starting with a basic PDF workflow that applies markup to a PDF file and extracts document properties.

You would base the new workflow on the EnhancePDFDocuments workflow. Make a copy of that workflow and define the properties of the steps in the workflow as needed for your environment. In the IdentifyPDFDocuments step, you specify the file name and location of the Ricoh ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat control file that contains page grouping and document property definitions. In the BuildPDFFromDocuments step, you specify the name and location of the control files that contain markup definitions. If you specify more than one control file in a control file property, separate the control files with a semicolon.

For large jobs, both processing of the IdentifyPDFDocuments and BuildPDFFromDocuments steps could be memory intensive operations. Review the documentation on tuning steps and on other considerations for memory management.

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