MarcomCentral product type

Specifies the product type of a job ticket in an order retrieved from a store at the MarcomCentral web site.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • You can use an XSLT style sheet in the ApplyXSLTransform step to convert the XML element for the MarcomCentral product type into this job property.
  • You can use this property as a symbol in the Request payload property of a CallSOAPService step or SOAP web service notification. For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.
  • MarcomCentral uses the value of the ProductType XML element to indicate whether an item in an order is printable. Currently, the values for printable items are Versioned, Variable, and JobDirect. All other values (such as Static) indicate that an item is not printable.

    You can specify values for the MarcomCentral product type property in a rule on a connector to send printable and nonprintable items to different branches in a workflow.

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