A step based on this step template lets you extract document data from the document properties file and create a file with the document data and headings that you need to send to an external program. The file you create is called an external document properties file.

Job property defaults

  • External document properties file: ${getFileName(data,csv,write)}
  • File type:CSV
  • Column headings:
  • Selected document properties: Document number

Usage notes

  • This step requires a document properties file as input. To create a document properties file, a step based on the IdentifyPDFDocuments or IdentifyDocuments (Ricoh ProcessDirector only) step template must be run in the workflow before the step based on the BuildExternalDocPropsFile step template.
  • The output file will be created where the External document properties file property specifies.
  • The File type property determines if the external document properties file is tab-delimited or comma-separated (CSV).
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