Data stream to send

Specifies the type of files that are transmitted to the printer.


PostScript (default)

Sends a PostScript data stream to the printer.


Sends a PDF file and a JDF job ticket to the printer.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • In the legacy user interface, this property is not available if Ricoh TotalFlow is selected as the Type of printer. Ricoh ProcessDirector always sends JDF/PDF to Ricoh TotalFlow printers.
  • Ricoh PDF printers support JDF/PDF only if they have TotalFlow Print Server or an EFI Fiery control unit. For a list of control units that support this data stream, see the Ricoh PDF printer readme.
    • On a Windows primary server, the readme file is in C:\aiw\aiw1\pc.
    • On a Windows application server, the readme file is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\pc.
    • On a Linux primary or secondary server, the readme file is in /aiw/aiw1/pc.
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