A step based on the WriteInserterControlFile step template creates an inserter control file for the job. The control file tells the inserter how to process each document in the job.

Job property defaults

  • Inserter controller: Not set
  • Inserter job name: ${Job.ID}
  • Load plan: Not set
  • Load plan comment:

Usage notes

  • The default for the Inserter job name property is the job number (Job.ID property). You can put the value of the Inserter job name property in the file name of the inserter control file. You specify the file name of the control file in the Send command property of the inserter controller.
  • If you print more than one copy of a job, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not write control files for the copies.
  • You must include a step based on this step template in a workflow if the inserter requires a control file. If the inserter does not require a control file, you can remove this step from the workflow.
  • This step must run before a step based on the SendInserterControlFile step template.
  • If you must send the inserter control file to the inserter before the job prints, you can move this step before the PrintJobs step.
  • This step must run on the primary server.
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