Data modules

Lists the name of the data module or modules in Quadient Inspire (formerly GMC Inspire) that process the variable data files.


Data type




Database name


Usage notes:

  • The lists of data files and modules must correspond with each other. For example, the first data file in the Data files property must be processed by the first module in the Data modules property; the second data file must be processed by the second module.
  • The names of the modules must match the module names in the WFD file.
  • The names of the modules must not contain any spaces.
  • You must add -dif to the beginning of the name of the module and separate the module names with commas. For example, if the name of one module is SortData and another is BuildNames, the value in this field is -difSortData,-difBuildNames
  • Data modules is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.
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