Database property names for jobs with Designer

Messages about print jobs that go through a step based on the ComposeAFP or ComposePDF step templates might refer to properties by their database names, which begin with Job.GMC. The Designer feature provides steps to run the Quadient Inspire program, which was formerly named GMC Designer.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that an authorized user can change the value after the workflow has been created.
  • No means that an authorized user cannot change the value.


Database name Notebook field name Brief description Editable
Job.GMC.WFDFileLocation WFD File A formatting file generated when you use Quadient Inspire to design a print layout. This file contains the application layout and input data that Quadient Inspire uses to generate a print job. Yes
Job.GMC.DataFilesLocation Data files The file or files containing the variable data that is sent to Quadient Inspire to be included in a new print job. Yes
Job.GMC.DataFilesModule Data modules Lists the name of the data module or modules in Quadient Inspire that process the variable data files. Yes
Job.GMC.FixedDataFilesLocation Fixed data files A file containing data that is the same for all jobs processed through this step. The file is sent to Quadient Inspire to be included in a new AFP print job. Yes
Job.GMC.FixedDataFilesModule Fixed data modules Lists the name of the data module in Quadient Inspire that processes a fixed data file. Yes
Job.GMC.JobFile GMC JOB file The production configuration file that Quadient Inspire generates. This file contains configuration information for the printer, so jobs are printed correctly. Yes
Job.GMC.SetupFiles Not present in the property notebook Concatenates the values of the Data files, Data modules, Fixed data files, and Fixed data modules properties in the correct order. You can use this property in commands and symbol formulas that require more than one of those values. No
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