Setting up no-service periods

No-service periods define the periods of time when your installation does not provide services (for example, holidays and weekends). Each service policy specifies whether all the no-service periods apply to the service policy.

No-service periods are not considered for deadlines set with the SetDeadline step in a workflow or the Change Deadline action on the job. Ricoh ProcessDirector provides sample no-service periods that you can use. You can also create your own no-service periods.

Each no-service period describes one period of time (for example, one holiday). All the no-service periods work together as one unit.

A service policy can specify whether all the no-service periods apply to the policy. However, a service policy cannot specify which no-service periods apply.

To set up no-service periods:
  1. Create one or more no-service periods, one for each time period.
  2. In each service policy, specify whether to adjust planned checkpoints for the no-service periods.
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