Estimated duration

Specifies the estimated amount of time it takes for a step to complete processing a job.

This value is made up of a volume of work and a length of time.

For example, you might set one of these values as the Estimated duration:

  • 1 Job for every 40 Minutes
  • 50,000 Pages for every 2 Hours
  • 1000 Pages for every 1 Minute


1 Job for every 1 Minute

Database name


Usage notes:

  • This value is only used in the calculation for the Tracking status for a job if the Include in estimated duration property is set to Yes.
  • If you choose Pages as the unit of volume for a step, be sure to run a step based on the CountPages step template before that step.
  • If you want to set the Estimated duration on multiple steps in the workflow at the same time, open the workflow and select the Edit estimated durations button from the toolbar on the Workflow Editor portlet in the legacy user interface.
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