Deadline outcome

Shows whether the deadline for a job has been met or missed.



The deadline step completed before the deadline.


The deadline step did not complete before the deadline.

Cannot determine

The deadline has not been reached, and the deadline step has not completed.

If this property is blank, one of these conditions exists:

  • The workflow does not have a SetDeadline step.
  • The job has not reached the SetDeadline step.
  • No one has used the Change Deadline action to assign a deadline to the job.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • You cannot change the value of this property.
  • When each step after the SetDeadline step completes, Ricoh ProcessDirector evaluates the deadline outcome.
  • In the updated user interface, when the deadline outcome for a job is Missed, Ricoh ProcessDirector adds a red dot to the Schedule risk column in the Jobs table. The heading of the Schedule risk column is blank. To see the name of the column, hover over the heading area. If you do an action that changes the deadline time or step, the Deadline outcome can change from Missed to Met.
    In the legacy user interface, Ricoh ProcessDirector turns the whole row in the Jobs table red.
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