URL for download file

Specifies the URL of the file to download.



Up to 1024 characters (bytes)

Database name


Usage notes:

  • You can use Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol notation in the URL. For example, https://mysite.${Job.CustomerName).pdf.
    For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.
  • If the URL for the file presents a security certificate before the file can be downloaded, Ricoh ProcessDirector accepts this certificate automatically.
  • If credentials are required to access the Web site where the file resides, the credentials should be included in the value.
    For example: ftp://username:password@host/path/file.
  • You must provide the full URL to the file.
  • URL for download file is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.
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