A step that is based on the UpdateDocumentsInDatabase step template updates the document properties in the database using the values from the document properties file. For example, you might want to include a step in your workflow that calls an external program to calculate values of some custom document properties; you can use a step based on the UpdateDocumentsInDatabase step template to put those results into the document database. Values in the document properties file are not changed.

Job property defaults


Usage notes

  • You cannot copy or delete this step template.
  • The document ID in the document properties file must match a document ID of a document associated with the job.
  • If some documents are pulled or made available (so they are no longer associated with the job that includes this step), the update is ignored for them and a message is added to the job log. If a document ID in the properties file does not exist in the database, the step reports an error and the job moves to an error state.
  • The step tries to update all properties that are specified in the document properties file; however, all standard document properties (such as the job ID, document original sequence, and data offset) are read-only and are not updated with this step.
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