Emails are sent without documents attached

If emails are sent without documents attached to them, the attachment might not be in the PDF format, the EmailDocuments step might be incorrectly configured, or the PDF might not contain information for each recipient.

The EmailDocuments step lets you attach documents to emails within a Ricoh ProcessDirector workflow.

If Ricoh ProcessDirector is sending emails without attachments, check the following:

  • The file type of the attachment
    Ricoh ProcessDirector can only attach and email PDF documents. Check your source directory and make sure the file is a PDF.
  • The Source file for attachment property
    Make sure that the EmailDocuments step has the correct source file listed for an attachment. The default value for EmailDocuments is ${getFileName(print,pdf,read)}, which retrieves the current PDF file from the spool directory.
  • The Attach document property
    In your workflow, make sure the Attach document property on the EmailDocuments step is set to Yes.
  • Your email service provider’s policy on attachments
    Make sure your email provider lets you send documents with attachments through their system. If all of the settings in the step are correct and the PDF files are still not attached to the emails that are sent, your email service might be blocking emails with attachments. If they permit attachments, make sure that the name of the attachment does not trigger the email provider’s spam filter. If the filename of the attachment triggers the spam filter, it might be deleted from the email.
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