Get objects

This Web service requests a list of objects of a certain type. The request can include filtering and sorting options for the list.

HTTP method




Valid values for objectType are:

  • inputdevice
  • inputfile
  • instance
  • job
  • jobtype
  • media
  • printer
  • steptemplate
  • user
  • workflowsystem

Request headers


<credential token="value" />

Accept-Language (optional)


Supported language values:

de German
en US English (default)
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
ja Japanese
pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese

Query variables

GET, HEAD, and DELETE requests by convention do not contain entity-bodies. The XML content for query, sort, and propertyset elements must be part of the URI query string. XML placed in these variables must be URL-encoded using Java URLEncoder class or a similar utility in another language before they are added to the URI.

query = <query />

Filters the returned list of objects. For example, a query can request the names of all printers that are in the Intervention required state. If this variable is not specified, all objects of the requested type are returned.



The database property name for the property that you want to use as the selection criteria.


The comparison operator. Valid operators are:




Greater than or equal to


Greater than


Value is empty


Less than or equal to


Values that follow the LIKE operator are case-sensitive. A wildcard character (%) can be used in the value.


Less than


Not equal


Values that follow the NOT_LIKE operator are case-sensitive. A wildcard character (%) can be used in the value.


The value of the selected property that you want to base your selection criteria on.

sort = <sort />

Sorts the list of objects that is returned. If this variable is not specified, the data is returned in no particular sorted order. Only one sort property can be specified. Ricoh ProcessDirector can sort on most properties, but not all of them.



The database property name of the property that you want to use for sorting.


The order that you want the results to appear in. Valid values are:


Sort the returned objects in ascending order.


Sort the returned objects in descending order.

propertyset = <propertyset>

Requests a certain set of properties for the returned list of objects. If this variable is not specified, all properties of the object are returned. In this context, you can only specify the property name; you cannot specify a property value.

Contains one or more <property> elements.




The database property name of the property that you want to return for the objects in the returned list.

Return codes

  • 200 OK
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • 501 Not Implemented

Response body on success

Ricoh ProcessDirector returns a <resultset>, which contains <result> elements in this format:
				<object name="value1"/>
				<object name="value2"/>
				<object name="valuen"/>

  1. Null values are represented as self-closing <property> elements with no value attribute.
  2. Empty values are represented as <property> elements with no value attribute and no embedded <value> tags. They are not self-closing.


Sample request

Get a list of jobs that are in Complete state, sorted on their submit times. Retrieve only the Job.CustomerName and Job.TotalPages property values.


Query variables:

query = <query property="Job.State" operator="EQ" value="Complete"/>
sort  = <sort name="Job.SubmitTime" direction="asc"/>
propertyset = <propertyset>
								<property name="Job.CustomerName" />
								<property name="Job.TotalPages" />

Sample request

Get a list of all the jobs that meet one of these sets of criteria:
  • For customer Acme, with the number of copies set to 1 or more.
  • For customer Acme, or currently assigned to one of these printers: PacificColor, PacificCutsheet, PacificBlackWhite.
  • For customer Acme, with a Job number less than 16739578 or a description that contains the word hold.

Query variables:

<query property="Job.CustomerName" operator="EQ" value="Acme">
		<query property="Job.Copies" operator="GE" value="1" />
		<query property="Job.CurrentPrinter" operator="LIKE" value="Pacific%" />
		<query property="Job.ID" operator="LT" value="16739578">
				<query property="Job.Description" operator="LIKE" value="%hold%" />
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