Notation and conventions for Web service descriptions

The descriptions of Ricoh ProcessDirector Web services follow this general format.

Each description begins with the purpose of the Web service and continues with the technical details. Technical details include:

HTTP method

All Web services use DELETE, GET, HEAD, POST, or PUT.


The URI that you modify to invoke a Web service. Text in italics must be changed; text not in italics must stay the same.

Request headers

Sends the credential token that you receive when you log in to the server and, as an option, sets the language that you want to use.

Query variables

Describes the options and information that a request can include. Each Web service uses different allowed variables. Some variables are required, some are optional.

Return codes

Lists the HTTP return codes that are valid for the Web service.

Response body on success

Describes what the response from the Ricoh ProcessDirector system looks like when a request is processed successfully.

Most of the descriptions include examples of requests; many also contain sample responses.

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