Batching start time

Specifies the time when the Time or Sets by time batching method takes effect for the input device. Use this property with the Batching start date property to delay batching.

You can specify the time in the format hours:minutes. If you see a drop-down list next to the value, use it to select AM or PM.




Hours, AM or PM




There is no default.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • Use the time zone of your browser for this value. The value is displayed based on the time zone of the computer that you use to open the user interface, but it is stored in a generic format. The hot folder interprets the generic time format based on the time zone of its parent server and creates batches at the appropriate time.
  • The value of the Batching start time property is only used with the Time or Sets by time batching method.
  • This property is only available on the legacy user interface.
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