Stopping secondary servers on Linux

When you stop a Ricoh ProcessDirector secondary server running on Linux, you can stop the server with or without waiting for job-processing steps to complete.

To stop a secondary server on a Linux system:

  1. Log in to the Linux system as the Ricoh ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default).
  2. Access the command line.
  3. Optional: To minimize the impact of shutting down the system on processes that are currently running, disable the input devices associated with the server.
  4. Enter one of these commands:
    • To stop the secondary server immediately without waiting for steps to complete:


      Any steps that were in a processing state will move to an error state when you restart the system.
    • To stop the secondary server after the currently processing steps are complete:

      stopaiw -q

    Ricoh ProcessDirector disconnects the secondary server from the primary server and stops the secondary server.
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