Job prints on incorrect media using a Ricoh PDF, Custom PDF, or Ricoh TotalFlow printer

If your job was sent to a Ricoh PDF, Custom PDF, or Ricoh TotalFlow printer and it printed on the wrong paper (for example green instead of blue paper), you might need to update some job or printer properties.

In the legacy user interface, a Ricoh TotalFlow printer is a type of Ricoh PDF printer.

You must use the legacy user interface for some steps in this procedure.
To view and update the appropriate properties:
  1. Right-click the job and select Properties.
    1. Find the Media required property on the Scheduling tab and make sure it lists the correct media name.
    2. If it does not, check the Media property for the job and the media requested by any page exceptions. Update them as needed.
  2. You might need to examine the method you used to submit the job and the options it provides for specifying media properties. The media properties might not have been submitted correctly in the job ticket.
  3. If there was a Media value for the job, check in the job log for any evidence that the value of the Media property for the job changed since you submitted it.
    1. Right-click the job and select View log.
    2. Set the log to show Property changes and search for Media.
    3. Look for evidence that someone used the Correct media action to change the job media value after you submitted the job.
  4. Look at the banner page or the job log to get the name of the printer that printed the job. If you look in the job log, sort the Issued by column until you see the name of a printer.
  5. In the Printers portlet on the Main page, select the printer that printed the job, and click Properties. On the Scheduling tab, look for the list of Media supported for the printer.
    1. If the name of the media you requested on the job is contained in the list, check the Media substitution rules on the Media settings page to see if the selected media has been set to be replaced with a different media name for this printer.
    2. If the value for Media supported is Ready media objects, use the Show trays action on the selected printer to see what media is loaded in each tray. The values displayed might have changed after you printed the job. Using Ready media objects for the Media supported on the printer should prevent scheduling errors if the operator always uses the Update media action when changing media in the printer trays.
  6. If Media management is set to By property on the Media settings page, media objects are automatically created when values are returned from the printer for all of the selected properties. If your job requested a media that was created this way, the media object could have been edited or renamed in such a way that Ricoh ProcessDirector does not consider it a match. The administrator might have to change the Media supported property for the printer or change the procedures used by operators who load paper and schedule jobs to check that the media names are set up according to your site's expectations.
  7. If the values in the Media required property for the job are all matched by the values set in the Media supported for the printer used to print the job, it is likely that the operator forgot to update the media loaded in the printer to match the requested media before the job was printed.
  8. If you have a Custom PDF printer, check with your Ricoh support representative to make sure that the custom printer definition file is correct.
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