Changing the layout of the Workflow page

You can change the layout of the Workflow page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface to make it more useful for the tasks you do. You can rearrange, maximize, and close the portlets, as well as resize and hide areas within the page.

  • This topic applies to the legacy user interface.
The Workflow page is divided into three areas. Portlets can be moved up and down within an area and from one area to another. Portlets can also be maximized and restored to their previous size.
  • To move a portlet, place the cursor on the title bar, click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the portlet to the new position.
  • To close a portlet, click Close (Close icon).
  • To open a portlet again, hover over the Workflow tab until the menu appears, then select the name of the portlet.

    • Portlets that have a checkmark in front of them on the menu are open. If a portlet has a checkmark in front of it but it is not visible on the Workflow page, the portlet might be open in an area that is closed. Open any closed areas to find the hidden portlet.
  • To maximize a portlet, click Maximize (Maximize icon).
  • After maximizing a portlet, click Restore (Restore icon) to restore the portlet to its previous size.
  • To resize an area, move the cursor between areas. When you see the double arrow cursor (Double arrow cursor), hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor.
  • To close an area, click the resize handle (Left handle icon or Right handle icon) on an open area once.
  • To open an area, click the resize handle on a closed area once.
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