Connecting and disconnecting input devices

Connecting and disconnecting an input device controls the flow of data into the input device from job submission tools. An input device can only receive input files if it is connected.

Disconnected input devices do not receive any more input files. If an input device is still enabled, any input files that it received before it was disconnected can still be submitted for processing.

To connect or disconnect an input device:
  1. In the Input Devices portlet, right-click the input device or devices that you want to connect or disconnect.
  2. Select Connect or Disconnect.
  3. If you see a confirmation message, click Yes.

  • If the parent server for the input device is not available when you make the connection request, Ricoh ProcessDirector changes the icon to the left of the input device. It also changes the Connection status property for the input device to Unable to connect. After you correct the problem with the parent server, Ricoh ProcessDirector connects the input device.
  • If more than one Download input device has the same port number assigned, Ricoh ProcessDirector only lets you connect and enable one of the input devices at a time.
  • Connecting or disconnecting a Download input device also starts or stops the Download daemon.
  • Connecting the first LPD input device on a Ricoh ProcessDirector server also starts the LPD daemon. If the LPD daemon does not start, the Connection status property for the input device changes to Unable to connect. If the parent server of the input device is a Linux system, a possible reason is that other LPD daemons are already running on the Linux system. Stop these daemons, then disconnect and reconnect the LPD input device.
  • Disconnecting the last LPD input device on a Ricoh ProcessDirector server also stops the LPD daemon.
  • After Ricoh ProcessDirector connects or disconnects an input device, the symbol next to it changes. The connected symbol is a solid blue arrow. The disconnected symbol is a broken yellow arrow.
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