Database property names for workflows

Messages about print jobs might refer to workflow properties by their database names, which begin with JobType.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that an authorized user can change the value after the workflow has been created.
  • No means that an authorized user cannot change the value.

Workflow properties

Database name Notebook field name Brief description Editable
Connector.AnyOrAllFieldHelp Apply any or all of the following conditions Specifies whether a job must meet all of the conditions specified by a rule or any one of the conditions. Yes
Connector.ConditionPredicate Summary The Summary field shows your selections in the Conditions area in a database query format. The value changes as you modify conditions. Yes
Connector.JsonRule Conditions Lets you define one or more conditions for a rule. Each condition consists of a job property, a comparison, and a value. Yes
Connector.Order Order of execution When multiple connectors exit a single step, Ricoh ProcessDirector must determine which connector the job should follow to the next step. This value indicates which connector Ricoh ProcessDirector should evaluate first, second, third, and so on, when it tries to choose which connector the job should use. Yes
Job.CurrentDay Current day Specifies the current day of the week of the server Ricoh ProcessDirector is running on when a condition requesting it is evaluated. Yes
Job.CurrentTime Current time Specifies the current time of the server that Ricoh ProcessDirector is running on when a condition requesting it is evaluated. Yes
JobType.ChangeId Alternate ID Specifies an alternate ID for the workflow. Yes
JobType.CreatedBy Created by Specifies the ID of the extension that created the workflow. No
JobType.Description Description Contains text that describes the workflow. Yes
JobType.GroupName Group name Specifies the name of the group the workflow belongs to. Yes
JobType.LastModified Last modified The date and time that the workflow was last changed. No
JobType.Location Workflow location Specifies the location associated with a workflow. Yes
JobType.ModifiedBy Modified by user Specifies the user name of the user who made the last change to this workflow. No
JobType.Owner Owner Specifies the owner of the workflow. Yes
JobType.SourceID Source ID Specifies the ID of the workflow. No
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