Slingshot cost center

Specifies the Slingshot cost center that is associated with the step.


Not set (default)

The step is not associated with a cost center.

A list of Slingshot cost centers that are displayed on the Avanti Slingshot settings page.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • When a step is associated with a Slingshot cost center, Ricoh ProcessDirector provides status information to Avanti Slingshot when the step processes each job.
  • If a step has a Slingshot cost center specified, it must have a value for Slingshot milestone status to report the status to Slingshot. When the step runs, if one of the two Slingshot properties has a value and the other does not does not, Ricoh ProcessDirector writes a warning message to the job log.
  • To add or remove cost centers, edit the Slingshot configuration file. On AIX or Linux, /aiw/aiw1/config/avanti.cfg. On Windows, \aiw\aiw1\config\avanti.cfg.
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