Defining Avanti Slingshot Connect cost centers

Avanti Slingshot Connect cost centers are essential for allocating the costs of time and materials. Entries in the avanti.cfg file in Ricoh ProcessDirector are tied to objects in the Avanti Slingshot system where the cost allocation occurs. You must use the External Device ID for each cost center in the avanti.cfg file. If you use the name of the cost center and that name is different from the External Device ID that is defined in Slingshot, Ricoh ProcessDirector cannot report data correctly. The entries in the avanti.cfg file are known as cost centers in Ricoh ProcessDirector and are called External Device IDs in the Avanti Slingshot system. These IDs let Ricoh ProcessDirector correctly allocate information to the Avanti Slingshot cost centers.

Before you do this, look in System Setup → Organization → Operation Category in Avanti Slingshot to make sure that all of your cost centers have External Device IDs defined.

To define the cost centers for Ricoh ProcessDirector:

  1. Navigate to the avanti.cfg file: /aiw/aiw1/config/avanti.cfg on Unix-based operating systems and C:\aiw\aiw1\config\avanti.cfg on Windows.
  2. Open the file in a text editor.
  3. Enter the values that match the External Device IDs defined for cost centers in Avanti Slingshot. Type each entry on a separate line.
    The cost center values are case-sensitive.
  4. Save the avanti.cfg file and exit the text editor.
    The new values that you have entered are available as Slingshot cost centers the next time you access Ricoh ProcessDirector.
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