A step based on this step template lets you call an Avanti Slingshot web service that creates an order for a job received from Ricoh ProcessDirector.

After Slingshot creates an order for the job, you can use the functions in the Avanti Slingshot Connect feature to report job processing information to Slingshot.

To configure your Slingshot system to create orders for jobs received from Ricoh ProcessDirector, contact your Avanti support representative.

Job property defaults

  • Request URL: http://avantidev:8080/servoy-service/rest_ws/avanti_api/api_web_service
  • Request method: POST
  • Request payload type: FILE
  • Request payload: /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/avanti/createOrder.xml
  • Request header:
  • Request parameters:


  • Use proxy: Not set
  • Response file: ${getFileName(print,xml,write)}
  • Password:

Usage notes:

  • Run this step on a job one time only. Slingshot returns a status code 500 error when it receives the same job number more than once. Ricoh ProcessDirector then moves the job to the error state.
  • When you restart a job after Slingshot has created an order for it, make sure that a CreateJobInSlingshot step does not process the job.
  • You can put this step in a workflow multiple times. Make sure that each step is in a separate branch so that the steps do not process the same job.
  • You can run this step on parent or child jobs. Orders created in Slingshot from parent or child jobs do not retain the relationship between parent and children.
  • The value of the Request URL property is the call to the Slingshot web service that creates an order for each job received from Ricoh ProcessDirector. Your Avanti support representative supplies the URL.
  • The value of the Request payload property is the full directory path and name of the file containing the XML order information that Ricoh ProcessDirector sends to Slingshot. Your Avanti support representative creates this file for you.

    A sample file is at /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/avanti/createOrder.xml (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\testfiles\avanti\createOrder.xml (Windows). The sample file uses symbols to send Slingshot the job number and the number of copies requested.

  • The value of the Request parameters property is a set of four parameters.

    Work with your Avanti support representative to fill in values for the SenderID, Username, and Password parameters. The value of the RequestType parameter does not change.

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