SampleCodePointMap.cp file

The SampleCodePointMap.cp file maps code points in a custom AFP code page to Unicode code points. You can use this file to create a code point map file for each AFP code page that does not use standard Unicode code points. The name of the file must contain the name of the code page. For example, if the code page name is T1000259, name the file T1000259.cp. The sample file that you can edit and rename is /aiw/aiw1/lib/AVE/resources/SampleCodePointMap.cp (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\lib\AVE\resources\SampleCodePointMap.cp (Windows).


The SampleCodePointMap.cp file lets you map code points in a custom AFP code page to Unicode code points so that Ricoh Visual Workbench can display the text correctly. For example, the Unicode code point for a space is hexadecimal “0020”. If the AFP code page uses a code point for a space, such as hexadecimal “0040”, map code point “0040” to code point “0020”.

For charts showing Unicode code points, see


Each line in the file has this format:
For example:
 0040 0020
The hexadecimal code point in the custom AFP font.
The corresponding hexadecimal Unicode code point.

Syntax rules

  • Start each line in column one.
  • A pound sign (#) in column one indicates the line is a comment.
  • Blanks are allowed.
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