Destination control file

Specifies the full path and name of a file that the Download input device reads to set the AFP resource path used to search for resources for each data set. You can use this property when the system merges a multi-dataset job from Download for z/OS into a single job.




Database name


Usage notes:

  • The MVS Download Destination Control File (DCF) is a flat text file that consists of Control Statements, blank lines, and comments. Each line has a maximum length of 1023 bytes. Tabs are treated as blank spaces.
  • This property is only used when the Merge dataset property is set to Yes and an input device connected to Download for z/OS receives multiple line data or mixed-mode jobs.
  • This property is only used by Ricoh ProcessDirector for Windows.
  • By default, a sample file is stored in C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\PSF\bin\mvsdmap_rpd.txt. Look for the GLOBAL entries and add any directories you want searched for AFP resources. For example:

    GLOBAL :: resource-context=c:\res_temp_prod;c:\res_temp_dev

  • Before you make any other changes to this file, contact your Ricoh support representative.
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