Data check errors

Specifies whether the AFP printer blocks certain types of errors. Blocking errors can improve printer throughput. Authorized users can specify this property.


Block all errors

The printer does not report character errors or print-positioning errors. This is the default value that the Ricoh ProcessDirector PrintJobs step template uses.

Block character errors

The printer does not report character errors. A character error is an attempt to use a codepoint that is not assigned to a character. The printer does report print-positioning errors.

Block positioning errors

The printer does not report print-positioning errors. A print-positioning error is an attempt to print outside the valid printable area. The printer does report character errors.

Block no errors

The printer reports all character errors and print-positioning errors.

Not set

Ricoh ProcessDirector does not pass a value for the property to its printer driver component.

Database name


Usage note: Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus can transmit a value for this property from the DATACK JCL parameter for the job.

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