Table reference characters

Specifies whether table reference characters are present in the job. Table reference characters select the fonts that the CHARS property specifies. They can also control formatting operations in the page definition. The location of the table reference characters, if they are present, is at the beginning of the line after the carriage control character, if one is present. The Ricoh ProcessDirector line2afp data-stream conversion component uses the table reference character information when it converts the job into the AFP format. Authorized users can specify this property.



The job does not contain table reference characters. This is the default that the Ricoh ProcessDirector ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step template uses.

Not set

Ricoh ProcessDirector does not pass a value for this property to its line2afp component.


The job contains table reference characters.

Database name


Usage note: For detailed information, see the TRC parameter in the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility: User's Guide.

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