Resource type

Specifies the type or types of AFP resources that Ricoh ProcessDirector should retrieve from the AFP resource directories for the job. Ricoh ProcessDirector includes the retrieved resources in a separate resource file.



Ricoh ProcessDirector includes all of the resources that are required to view or print the job in the resource file.

All CMRs

Ricoh ProcessDirector includes all color management resources (CMRs) for the job in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes barcode objects in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes fonts in the resource file.

Form definition

Ricoh ProcessDirector includes the form definition for the job in the resource file.

Generic CMRs

Ricoh ProcessDirector includes CMRs that are mapped in the datastream and CMRs that are not device-specific in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes graphics (GOCA) objects in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes images in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes any inline resources in the resource file.

Inline only

Ricoh ProcessDirector only includes inline resources that existed in the original input file, and that were actually used by the job, in the converted, AFP output. It does not generate a separate resource file.

Object containers

Ricoh ProcessDirector includes object container files in the resource file.


Ricoh ProcessDirector includes overlays in the resource file.

Page segments

Ricoh ProcessDirector includes page segments in the resource file.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • To select more than one value for the property, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the additional values.
  • To deselect a selected value, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the value.
  • When no values are selected in the list, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not build the resource file.
  • The ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step template that Ricoh ProcessDirector provides sets the Resource type property to Inline, Form definition. When used in combination with the UseInlineFormDefinition step template, this value makes sure that an inline form definition is retained when the line2afp data-stream conversion component proceses the file.
  • The CountPages and PrintPageRanges step templates set the Resource type property to Inline only.
  • For detailed information, see the RESTYPE parameter in the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility: User's Guide.
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