Form definition

Specifies the form definition to use with the job. A form definition is an AFP resource that describes the characteristics of a form, which include: overlays required, if any, the paper source (for cut-sheet printers), duplexed printing, text suppression, and the position of the composed-text data on the form. The Ricoh ProcessDirector line2afp data-stream conversion component uses this information when it converts the job into the AFP format. Processing steps that use the PrintJobs step template also use this form definition when they format jobs for the printer. The form definition property corresponds to the FORMDEF JCL parameter for input files that are sent by Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus. Authorized users can specify this property.



Up to 8 characters (bytes)


Case-sensitive; can include these special characters: # $ @



Supplied step templates:

  • BuildAFPFromZip
  • ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP
  • CreatePageRanges
  • CountPages
  • PrintJobs

Database name


Usage notes:

  • If a value is specified for the Media, Duplex, or Output bin job property, Ricoh ProcessDirector ignores that value in the form definition. For example, if the form definition specifies tumble-duplexed printing and the Duplex property is No, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the No value and prints the job on a single side of the paper (simplex).
  • If the job does not contain an inline form definition, an authorized user should make sure that this property has a value. Workflows that include a step based on the UseInlineFormDefinition step template can detect an inline form definition and instruct Ricoh ProcessDirector to use it.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector supplies a step template named CountPages which is included as a step in all of the default workflows. This step computes which pages print on what sheets and therefore is affected by the setting for duplex mode in the form definition. If the Form definition property for the job is changed to specify a different value for duplexing after the CountPages step has run, the value of the Total sheets property that Ricoh ProcessDirector calculates may not match the total number of job sheets that actually stack at the printer. The accuracy of the page information provided to the Print again and Jump to functions might also be affected. To synchronize the page and sheet count information with the new form definition, you can use the Process again action to rerun the CountPages step.
  • Make sure that the form definition that this property specifies is accessible to Ricoh ProcessDirector. Ricoh ProcessDirector looks for resources:
    1. Inline in the data stream
    2. In the directories that the AFP resource path job property specifies
    3. If the print step requests a resource, in the directories that the AFP resource path printer property specifies
    4. In AIX and Linux:
      • In the /aiw/aiw1/resources directory
      • In the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib directory
    5. In Windows:
      • In the c:\aiw\aiw1\resources directory
      • In the \reslib directory in the PSF install path. The default install path is c:\Program Files (x86)\InfoPrint\PSF
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector provides a wide variety of form definitions that you can use. For more information, see the information center.
  • For detailed information, see the FORMDEF parameter in the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility: User's Guide.
  • When this property is associated with a job that is processed by the Advanced Transform Feature, it is only used when the transform input stream is AFP.
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