Specifies the file names of up to four AFP coded fonts. A coded font defines a character set and code page pair. The Ricoh ProcessDirector line2afp data-stream conversion component uses this information when it converts the job into the AFP format. Authorized users can specify this property.


Font names

Up to four coded-font names. Use commas to separate multiple font names, and do not include the two-character prefix (X0 through XG) with the font name. For example, specify GT10,GT12.


Not set

Database name


Usage notes:

  • Make sure that the fonts that this property specifies are accessible to Ricoh ProcessDirector. Ricoh ProcessDirector looks for resources:
    1. Inline in the data stream
    2. In the directories that the AFP resource path job property specifies
    3. If the print step requests a resource, in the directories that the AFP resource path printer property specifies
    4. In AIX and Linux:
      • In the /aiw/aiw1/resources directory
      • In the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib directory
    5. In Windows:
      • In the c:\aiw\aiw1\resources directory
      • In the \reslib directory in the PSF install path. The default install path is c:\Program Files (x86)\InfoPrint\PSF.
  • For detailed information, see the CHARS parameter in the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility: User's Guide.
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