Audit color CMR

Specifies the audit CMR that this step inserts for color print jobs. The printer uses this CMR to convert jobs to the device-independent color space; it should correspond to the color profile or CMR that was used to create the color elements of the job, such as logos or images.

The list includes all the CMRs stored in /aiw/aiw1/resources/CMRs/[printertype]/input (on an AIX or Linux primary computer) or in C:\aiw\aiw1\resources\CMRs\[printertype]\input (on a Windows primary computer), where [printertype] corresponds to the value of the Printer type property.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • This property is only available if the Processing mode property is set to Audit and the Color mode property is set to Color.
  • The available values for this property change based on the value selected for the Printer type property.
  • Audit color CMR is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.
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