Maximum number of fonts

Specifies the maximum number of AFP fonts that the printer should retain in memory between jobs. Authorized users can specify this property.


Data type

Integer from 0-999


10; used if no value is specified. This is the default value set by the printer driver component.

Database name


Usage notes:

  • For performance reasons, you might want to evaluate if most of your jobs use more common fonts than the default number of fonts that the printer retains between jobs. For example, all jobs use the same set of 30 fonts, and the value of the Maximum number of fonts property is 10. In this case, the printer deletes 20 fonts after a job prints, and then reloads the deleted fonts when the next job requests them. This can affect printer performance.
  • The amount of storage that the printer sets aside to store resources can affect when the printer deletes resources. If the printer runs out of storage, it can ignore the setting of this Ricoh ProcessDirector property and delete one or more fonts as needed.
  • You cannot change the value of this property if there is a job assigned to the printer.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector automatically shuts down and restarts the printer when you change the maximum number of fonts.
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