A step that is based on this step template inserts a color management resource that meets your specifications into a job.

Job property defaults

  • Audit color CMR:
  • Audit grayscale CMR:
  • Color mode: Color
  • External command: insrtcmr -riall ${Job.CMR.RenderingIntent} -i -m ${Job.CMR.Mode} -o ${getFileName(print,afp,write)} ${getAbsoluteFileName(print,afp,read)}
  • Ink type: Pigment
  • Instruction color CMR:
  • Instruction grayscale CMR:
  • Processing mode: Audit
  • Printer type: InfoPrint 5000 - 32/64 m/min
  • Rendering intent: Not Set
  • Valid return codes: 0

Usage notes

  • The available values for the Audit color CMR, Audit grayscale CMR, Instruction color CMR, and Instruction grayscale CMR properties change based on the value selected for the Printer type property.
  • This step can only insert one CMR in a job. To insert both an audit and an instruction CMR in a job, add two instances of this step to a workflow.
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