A step that is based on this step template locates the beginning of each page in an AFP or PDF job for use with the Ricoh ProcessDirector viewer component.

Job property defaults

  • AFP resource path:
  • Code page global identifier:
  • Duplex: Not set
  • Extended options:
  • Form definition: F1A10111
  • Image output format: As is
  • Valid return codes: 0

Usage notes

  • You cannot copy or delete this step template.
  • The EnableRepositioning step cannot process AFP files containing the Include Saved Page structured field.
  • To reprint pages in a job, the workflow should include this step and the CreatePageRanges step.
  • This step should run before the CreatePageRanges step and before the PrintJobs step.
  • To honor finishing options, this step should run before the job is printed on an AFP printer.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector does not verify that this step is run for jobs with finishing options.
  • AFP jobs that require a specific form definition should specify finishing options in the form definition, not as job properties.
  • Messages from this step template are issued in the language in which the Ricoh ProcessDirector base product is installed.
  • If a previous step such as RunExternalProgram fails to create a print file in a supported data stream format, the EnableRepositioning step issues a warning message and continues. If the print file is expected, the job might fail in a later step.
  • The EnableRepositioning step template is included as a step in many of the default workflows. If you do not need the additional function that EnableRepositioning provides, you can substitute a step based on CountPages. Internally, EnableRepositioning runs the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) process. This provides repositioning information and allows you to change certain aspects of the AFP file, but it requires more processing time.
  • The EnableRepositioning step template computes which pages print on what sheets and, therefore, is affected by the setting of the Duplex and Form definition property values. If the value of the Duplex property for the job is changed to any value other than Not set after the EnableRepositioning step has run, the calculated Total sheets property value might not match the total number of job sheets that actually stack at the printer. The accuracy of the page information provided to the Print again and Jump to functions might also be affected. To synchronize the page and sheet count information with the new value of the Duplex property, you can use the Process again action to rerun the EnableRepositioning step.
  • The EnableRepositioning step does not count pages that are defined in the medium map as constant back pages. If you have the Preprinted Forms Replacement feature, the CombineAFPWithForm step turns on the Constant Back flag when a media object includes an electronic form for the back side and the medium map specifies simplex printing. Those constant back pages are not included in the Total pages property for the job and are not displayed in the viewer.
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