Property Value
Input device description Use for line-data or mixed-mode data sets that are submitted through Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus.
Port number 6102
Workflow ParentNoPrint
Child workflow DownloadLineData
Folder location /aiw/aiw1/System/dl/AFP (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\System\dl\AFP (Windows)
Maximum errors 10
Host code page ibm-500
Associated expected work Not set
Parent server System
Submit step SubmitInputFiles
Workflow initialization step Not set
Child workflow initialization step SetJobTypeFromRules
Staging location /aiw/aiw1/System/dl/LineData/Staged (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\System\dl\LineData\Staged (Windows)
Device language Not set
Input device location Not set
Connection status Disconnected
Input files waiting 0
Enabled status No
Expected work status Not set
Trigger patterns .*\.trg$
Parent workflow pattern Not set
Child workflow parsing rules /aiw/aiw1/control_files/rules/receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\rules\receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg (Windows)
Send return code to host No
Completion method None
Parent workflow parsing rules Not set
Child workflow pattern Not set
Report errors No
Merge dataset No
Destination control file None
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