Configuring line data transform steps

You can incorporate the line data transform into a workflow by adding a ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step, then configuring it appropriately. These workflows include the ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step: LineData and DownloadLineData.
To configure a line data transform step, you must define or edit a workflow that includes the step. If you define a workflow, use the ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step template to add a step to the workflow.
After you have created a ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step, you can edit the job default properties that it sets.

To configure a line data transform step:

  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. In the Workflow Objects portlet, click the Workflows tab.
  3. Click the name of the workflow that you want to edit.
  4. Disable the workflow.
  5. Optional: Disable the workflow by clicking the switch to the left of the workflow name.
    If you do not disable the workflow while you edit it, jobs that use this workflow continue to move through steps. When you save, the workflow is momentarily disabled then enabled again. Jobs that are processing in the workflow could move into error.
  6. Right-click the ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step and select Properties.
    You see the properties for the step.
  7. Edit the properties of the step as needed.

    • Click the Open embedded assistance icon to open descriptions for the properties.

    For additional assistance determining the correct values for the fields, particularly in creating the external control file template, the valid return codes, and the .parmdd parameter file, see AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility User's Guide (G550-1342).

    The default file that displays in the External control file template field is only a sample file. You must edit it to fit your environment. During processing, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the template to create a control file for each job that passes through the step.

  8. When you finish editing the properties, click OK.
  9. Save and enable the workflow.
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