Changing passwords

If you want to change the password for a Transform Feature, you need to know the current password.
To change the password that is used to authenticate any user who tries to log in to the Transform Feature user interface:
  1. Click Preferences in the banner area on the Transform Feature main page.
    You see the Change Login Password dialog.
  2. Type the current password in the Current password field.
  3. Type a new password in the New password field.
    Passwords can only be alphanumeric characters (a-z A-Z 0-9) and the special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ) on the keyboard that are accessed by pressing the shift key for the numbers 0-9. Passwords are limited to 128 characters. Zero-length passwords are allowed. The default password is an empty string, which means you do not need to specify a password.
  4. Type the new password again in the Confirm the new password field.
    The password you type here must match the new password you typed in the New password field.
    The password automatically takes effect the next time you log in to the Transform Feature user interface.
  5. Click Change to change the password.
    You see The Login password was changed successfully message.
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