Resource packaging scripts

The Transform Feature includes packaging scripts for the AIX, Linux, Windows, and z/OS operating systems.

The Resource distributor within the Transform Feature user interface can only copy one resource object at a time because of browser restrictions. Therefore, the Transform Feature includes packaging scripts so that you can create archive files for multiple resource objects. An archive file is treated as a single object with the Resource distributor. When you are using an archive file to distribute resource objects, you must select Yes from the Archive pull-down list.

The Transform Feature has a unique script for each operating system called respack. You can distinguish between the operating systems by the directory that contains the script. This is the directory structure and name for the supported operating systems:

You can find the scripts on the Transform Feature CD-ROM . You can also find the scripts on the machine where the Transform Feature is installed in the /opt/infoprint/itm/tools/respack. Make sure to transfer the scripts in binary mode to the machine where they will be run.

The syntax for all the scripts is:

<script_name> <archive_name> <source_dir>
The name of the script.
The name of the archive where the resources are packed.
The name of the directory where the resources are located.

The Resource distributor unpacks the resources in their respective locations in the Transform Feature directory structure, regardless of their relative paths in the archive file.

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