Use the PostScript to AFP transform and the PDF to AFP transform to transform a PostScript or Portable Document Format (PDF) data stream file into an AFP data stream file.

If you specify multiple values of the same flag, PostScript to AFP uses the last value specified, except for the -g and -p, flags. Multiple values of the -g and -p flags are accumulated and the pages identified for printing are printed in normal numerical sequence, regardless of the order you specify.

  1. If the transforms fail because of missing fonts, you can use the Set Transform Server properties page to turn on font substitution.
  2. If large files start failing to process with no explanation, you can change the hash-size value in the /opt/infoprint/itm/hn/cfg/feps.cfg to one of these numbers:
    • 1048583
    • 2097169
    • 4194319
    The greater the number the lower the chance that you will run out of allocation slots; however, more memory is being consumed by the processes when idle.

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