Here are the pcl2afp limitations:
  • PCL data can contain device commands (for example, to begin or end duplexing or to change the input bin). The AFP architecture defines those device functions in a form definition resource instead of the print data. To access those device functions (such as duplexing and bin selection), you must specify them in the form definition or attributes file, or on a print command, when you print the job.

    Duplexing is the default.

  • Resolution conversion algorithms might yield degraded appearance when used to reduce the resolution of a data stream. For this reason, PCL to AFP might degrade the appearance of higher-resolution data streams when used with 240-pel printers. You should verify that print fidelity is satisfactory.
  • There are subtle differences between PCL4 and PCL5e when it comes to handling fonts. While many PCL4 files will work with PCL to AFP, some might not produce the expected output.
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